Fencing  made from COLORBOND® steel

Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel

Steel Fencing for Family Safety

19 September 2006

Creating a safe and secure environment for a family is of paramount importance both inside and outside the home. In addition to securing the house itself, outdoor living spaces such as backyards, courtyards and gardens need to be as safe as possible too, especially given the amount of time families spend playing and entertaining outside.

The right fencing solution will offer protection and privacy from the outside world and a safe space for families to relax and play. For these reasons, many homeowners are turning to fencing made from COLORBOND® steel, which offers strength, security and peace of mind.

Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel is often used because of the protection it offers against unwanted entry and unwelcome eyes. It's hard to climb, offering no footholds, and panels can't be loosened or removed. At either 1.5 metres or 1.8 metres high, it offers total seclusion and privacy for the back or side perimeter of any home.

Parents with children at home will know that they love nothing more than to run, climb and jump throughout the garden. So providing a totally secure environment in which to play is of vital importance. With a fence made from COLORBOND® steel there is no chance of splinters, loose nails or fence panels that could harm.

In addition, the smooth surface means that there are no footholds for adventurous youngsters to climb up and jump over or gaps to squeeze through. It's no surprise, therefore, that for many Australian kindergartens, the fence of choice is made from COLORBOND® steel and increasingly, home owners are feeling the same way.

"Knowing your children are playing happily and safely is a big relief for parents," explains John Rosette from BlueScope Steel. "And that is a consideration that goes on for years, so it's important that fencing continues to offer this protection over time, through its ongoing durability."

In addition to the protection it offers families, the wide range of colours and fencing profiles available means that your safe outdoor area will have a stylish backdrop also. And because of this versatility it can suit all types of gardens and lifestyles, from the traditional to the very modern.

As John explained, "Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel is available in 14 designer colours and comes with a 10 year warranty*, so whatever your family gets up to, you can rest assured that your home's outdoor environment will remain securely and safely fenced."

* For more information on warranty terms and conditions please see our page Warranties for Peace of Mind

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