Product Case Studies

This section contains hundreds of case studies on the application of our products by our customers in a wide array of end uses, with links to related products and information on the website.

Latest Case Studies

Shelley Beach
30 April 2014 Shelley Beach Seaside Home Roof
Brad and Ruth's Teys' Shelly Beach home is less than 10 years old and was already corroding to the point of perforation, these rust spots were not only aesthetically displeasing they were creating rust holes and allowing water to penetrate the residence. Brad and Ruth had this to say about their decision to use BlueScope PERMALITE®. [Read more]
The BRAC Sports Pavilion in Broome has an unusually shaped COLORBOND® Coolmax® roof that maximises protection from the summer heat.
12 March 2013 Broome Sports Pavilion Maximises Cool
Clever passive cooling architecture has helped create a popular new recreation and public meeting space for the community of Broome. The Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre (BRAC) Sports Pavilion features a combination of extra-wide verandas, a large undercover function area and a central breezeway. [Read more]
12 March 2013 BlueScope Steel Helps Put Flood-Ravaged Area on Trail to Recovery
A campsite shelter that was redesigned and constructed by architecture students after the 2011 Queensland floods is proving very popular with visitors while also accumulating a number of prestigious awards. [Read more]
Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre uses LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® made from COLORBOND® Ultra steel due to the building's proximity to salt water, in the colour Dune®.
08 November 2012 National COLORBOND® steel Award Winner a Good Sport-ing Hall
Milson Island Sport and Recreation Centre by Allen Jack+Cottier was recently awarded the prestigious 2012 National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture. [Read more]
This house extension in Sydney, New South Wales uses roof & wall cladding made from ZINCALUME® steel in profile LYSAGHT LONGLINE 305®. Photograph: Paul Bradshaw
27 April 2012 Against the Flow
Welsh+Major has opened up a previously cloistered Victorian terrace with an addition that provides light and space for a growing family. The couple who bought this home always planned to overhaul the rear section, where a series of poorly conceived additions didn't connect well to the home's greatest selling point: the 'cricket pitch' garden. [Read more]