Campbell Silos Production Manager, Ian Meek

Campbell Silos Production Manager, Ian Meek

Promising Season for Silos' New Fumigation Equipment

31 August 2005

A Victorian silo manufacturer is gearing up for a promising season with some new fumigation equipment for farmers. Based in Nhill, Campbell Silos has been providing field bins and silos to Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales for more than 40 years.

Production Manager, Ian Meek, said this season was looking promising. "We are gearing up for our busiest time of year and we hope it will be busier than the last few, most indications are that it will be better," Mr Meek says.

"We have developed a new fume circulation pump for phosphene, which will help farmers protect their produce. Fitting the circulation pump to our sealed silos saves farmers climbing to the top of the silo to introduce the phosphene tablets, a much safer option. Other options include a vent box and provisions for CO2 gassing, to help control pests such as weevils. Our silos can hold 50 to 85 tonnes and our portable field bins have from 320 to 500 bag capacity."

Campbell Silos will be displaying its products at a number of upcoming field days, including the Campbell Silos mini field day on September 13 at Nhill Racecourse.

"We make our silos from GALVABOND® steel, manufactured by BlueScope Steel and distributed by Smorgon steel, because we are all better off if we buy Australian made steel," Mr Meek says. "Steel from BlueScope Steel is the best, plus the service we receive from Smorgon is second to none."

GALVABOND® G2, G2S Steel is a hot dipped, zinc-coated, commercial forming steel with a spangled surface, suitable for general manufacturing.

Campbell Silos has joined the Steel By Brand Partnership Program and displays signs indicating that it uses quality steel from Australia's leading manufacturer.

"We exclusively use products from BlueScope Steel as they are of good quality and we are committed to buying Australian," Mr Meek says.

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