Westrade Distributors uses a range of LYSAGHT® products.

Westrade Distributors uses a range of LYSAGHT® products.

Shed Start Up's Customer Focus

09 April 2008
A family owned business in Orange, New South Wales, is aiming for a slice of the garage and commercial buildings market with a range of new products and an emphasis on customer service.

Westrade Distributors has specialised in the wholesale distribution and supply of products to the building industry since it began trading in 2005.

Its new product range extends from six metre by three metre single garages to industrial and commercial units 42 metres wide and of unrestricted length, says Westrade Distributors General Manager David Ryan.

"While the competition may be lower on price in some areas, we'll be focusing on quality and service," Mr Ryan said.

"Our philosophy is very simple: supply the best quality product at the best possible price and give the customer whatever support they need.

"To achieve this we use LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® and LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® made from COLORBOND® steel in our roofs, and a range of LYSAGHT® cladding products like LYSAGHT TRIMWALL®, LYSAGHT MULTICLAD® and LYSAGHT WALLCLAD™ made from COLORBOND® steel in the walls of our sheds and buildings."

Westrade Distributors also uses LYSAGHT® Zed and Cee purlins and girts in its commercial and industrial range, along with LYSAGHT® QUAD and LYSAGHT SHEERLINE® gutters and capping.

The company believes its new range of products will show those already in the industry that there is an alternative supplier focused on customer service and quality, with the ability to supply nationally.

Westrade Distributors has been a member of the STEEL BY™ Brand Partnership Program for only 12 months but has already benefited from its association.

"In light of the availability of imported steel, we felt it was important to be associated with an Australian company producing quality, Australian made steel," Mr Ryan said.

"The promotional literature that comes with the program allows us to emphasise the origin and quality of the materials we use in our products, and we use the STEEL BY™ stickers on all our products."

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