News Archive 2004

Metroll fencing made from COLORBOND® steel in colour Hedge®
28 Oct 04 Style Your Way to a Summer Sanctuary
With summer just around the corner, now is the time to invest in your garden so that you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor living space to relax and entertain in all summer long. As the weather gets warmer our gardens and courtyards become a vital extension to our living space, with more time and money going into their styling and landscaping than ever before. [Read more]
Millbridge Manor by Plunkett Homes,  Western Australia
28 Oct 04 Steel Building Solutions for Your Home
Plunkett Homes, Western Australia's oldest building company, and a name that can be trusted, is known for their innovative designs, quality workmanship and commitment to using only the best building materials. Using only roof framing made from ZINCALUME® steel, they are committed to delivering the benefits of steel to homeowners. [Read more]
A spectacular roof made from COLORBOND® steel in the colour Woodland Grey®
28 Oct 04 Home Builders Soar with COLORBOND® steel
With twenty designer colours to choose from, as well as the combination of strength and durability in a lightweight product, roofing made from COLORBOND® steel presents one of the most versatile building materials available, and is now being showcased in many of Victoria's major project home builder's designs. [Read more]
The Sun Lizard solar heater and cooler
28 Oct 04 Putting the Greenhouse to Work
An Australian invented solar heater and cooler provides sustainable, clean climate control for new and existing homes by putting nature's greenhouse effect to work. The heart of the Sun Lizard, invented by Colin Gillam of Alternative Fuels and Energy, is a roof mounted box made from COLORBOND® steel. [Read more]
Fence made from COLORBOND® steel
19 Oct 04 Designing For Our Climate
According to the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, Queensland is currently experiencing a 'border line El Niño' climate which could result in below average rainfall and warmer temperatures. [Read more]
Entertaining Made Easy With COLORBOND® Steel
19 Oct 04 Entertaining Made Easy With COLORBOND® Steel
Looking for a place to entertain friends and family this summer that is private, safe for the kids and easy to organise" With a little help from COLORBOND® steel, you need look no further than your own back yard. [Read more]
08 Oct 04 Bridge Building
An important infrastructure project is currently underway in south-east Perth, involving the expansion of the Tonkin Highway in a joint venture between leading construction company John Holland and civil engineering company McMahon. [Read more]
Top Builder Reward for using ZINCALUME steel®
07 Oct 04 Top Builder Rewarded For Using ZINCALUME® Steel
Anton Topic, of Topic Builders Victoria, has won the BlueScope Steel "True Blue Reward" promotion for using walling and roofing made from ZINCALUME® steel extensively in his latest projects. [Read more]
Self Portrait
30 Sep 04 Works on the Cutting Edge
For over fifteen years Andre Sardone has been working with COLORBOND® steel in his work as a plumber. Recently, in an innovative display of technical skill and aesthetic judgement, he has applied this extensive experience to the creation of works of art. [Read more]
Web Marketing Association (WMA) WebAwards
17 Sep 04 Our Website is up There with the Best
An international jury of website developers has confirmed what BlueScope Steel customers in Australia have long known, our websites are up there with the best in the world. [Read more]