News Archive 2006

Kelly McDonald, of Queensland company Frontyard Art, with one of her company’s ZINCALUME® steel letterboxes in the SPIKE range.
19 Sep 06 Frontyard Art Posts Winning Letterboxes
Queensland company Frontyard Art firmly believes not all letterboxes are built equal. Noosa based Frontyard Art has finally unveiled its SPIKE range of functional, contemporary letterboxes, designed for homeowners looking to transcend the boring or property developers seeking an elegant multiple solution. [Read more]
Fencing  made from COLORBOND® steel
19 Sep 06 Steel Fencing for Family Safety
Creating a safe and secure environment for a family is of paramount importance both inside and outside the home. In addition to securing the house itself, outdoor living spaces such as backyards, courtyards and gardens need to be as safe as possible too, especially given the amount of time families spend playing and entertaining outside. [Read more]
Steel framing made from TRUECORE® steel
14 Sep 06 Steel Framing Success for South East Queensland
The popularity of house framing made from TRUECORE® steel is growing rapidly in Queensland prompting one local manufacturing company, Steel Framing Systems (SFS), to expand its capabilities and open a second manufacturing plant as a result of booming business. [Read more]
BlueScope Lysaght will supply all roofing, rain goods, fascias and fencing for the Sidonia Garden residential development on the NSW Central Coast
12 Sep 06 The Emphasis is on Quality
A new housing estate at Wyong on the New South Wales Central Coast has taken a fresh approach to the challenge of meeting buyer preference at a time when buyers have more options than ever before. [Read more]
Bundaberg Tank Makers owner Kevin Beveridge uses AQUAPLATE® steel to build rainwater tanks
21 Aug 06 Bundy Goes Well with Water
Rum might run through Bundaberg's veins, but locals want more water. Home to the iconic Bundaberg Rum factory, the city is one of Queensland's property hotspots, attracting retirees and young families from southern states with cheap land not connected to the mains water supply. [Read more]
Anderson Mine Services makes extensive use of XLERPLATE® steel in the fabrication of mine ventilation control devices
18 Aug 06 Mine Services Group Sets The Pace
The Anderson Group, established in Mackay in 1994, and now with branches in Newcastle and Wollongong (New South Wales), has prospered by providing comprehensive services to support the coal mining industry. [Read more]
Sprung curved LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® roof designs are taking AllGal Residential + Rural further away from the boxy look for sheds and occasional accommodation.
18 Aug 06 No More the Humble Shed
Early this year long established company AllGal Garages changed its name, to reflect the changing types of structures it is supplying to an increasingly diverse customer base from Victoria to North Queensland. [Read more]
The Smartshax home uses roofing made from COLORBOND® steel
17 Aug 06 Smartshax - A More Connected Life
Practical, affordable, beautifully designed, and environmentally self-sufficient, the Smartshax has redefined how Australian's can get away and enjoy the great outdoors. The lightweight, environmentally sustainable huts are ideally suited to the Australian climate and include basic amenity with maximum connection to the environment. [Read more]
Framing made from 
15 Aug 06 Framing Strength to Build On
As one of the first parts of a house to be built, and its core for years to come, a house frame needs to be strong and durable whatever environment it has been built in. [Read more]
Fencing made from COLORBOND® steel
03 Aug 06 Fence out the Elements with COLORBOND® steel
Whether you live in a bushfire prone area, or one that suffers from termites or borers, fences made from COLORBOND® steel provide a durable and long lasting barrier to help protect homes and properties. [Read more]