Barrington Homes Karinya

Barrington Homes Karinya

Affordable Efficiency

23 November 2005

An Illawarra home builder is bringing affordable Greensmart housing to southern New South Wales, with COLORBOND® steel playing a significant role. Barrington Homes, based in Wollongong, has designed the Earth Series of homes to fully embrace environmental sustainability through good design and appropriate use of materials.

The Karinya design, part of the Earth Series, was one of four finalists for the National Greensmart Awards, which were awarded by the Housing Industry of Australia on Thursday, July 28.

Karinya has a five star energy rating, a flexible floorplan, and a distinctly sophisticated design that imparts a sense of both the bush and beach. Andrew Manson, managing director of Barrington Homes, says COLORBOND® steel fora roofing was the all important final ingredient in maximizing the energy efficiency of the design.

"The thermal efficiency of COLORBOND® steel is an important component in the success of this design energy wise," Manson said. "Also aesthetically, it achieves the lightness we are looking for."

A Barrington Homes trademark is the steep roof pitch which Mr Manson says reflects the heritage of the region and provides improved roof ventilation.

"We wanted to acknowledge the character of the villages and towns in our region from last century, where high pitched roofing in steel dominated. This also increases air volume in the roof space helping to cool the home."

While all Barrington designs adhere to the new BASIX sustainability index, the passive elements are the most important in Manson's mind. These include correct solar orientation and cross ventilation.

Energy reduction is factored into every element of the Earth Series. Barrington uses a light tone of roofing made from COLORBOND® steel, which makes a significant impact on heat radiated through the roof.

Roofing made from COLORBOND® steel has low thermal mass, which means it cools down fast and improves the comfort within the home. This improved thermal comfort means ongoing cost savings for the life of the dwelling through reduced air conditioning requirements.

Also, in addition to the roofing the Karinya design at Albion Park proudly displays a rainwater tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel for water tanks, which further demonstrates Barrington Homes' commitment to environmental sustainability.

"We made a conscious decision to put the tank at the front of the house in that display. It celebrates what we are trying to achieve," said Manson.

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