Queensland's HIA GreenSmart® Village at North Lakes features roofing made from COLORBOND® steel.

Queensland's HIA GreenSmart® Village at North Lakes features roofing made from COLORBOND® steel.

Queensland's First GreenSmart® Display Village

01 August 2002

Queensland's first Housing Industry Association GreenSmart® Village at North Lakes, showcases Australia's most environmentally and technologically advanced homes. The village highlights how homeowners can dramatically reduce their energy consumption.

It also showcases building industry technologies, design principles and practices to improve the quality of Australia's built environment.

The three GreenSmart® homes on display all feature roofing made from COLORBOND® steel and are designed to reduce home running costs, be better for the environment, provide value for money and five star comfort.

Roofing made from light coloured COLORBOND® steel is a key feature at all four GreenSmart® Villages in Queensland, NSW, the ACT and South Australia.

A lightweight roof made from COLORBOND® steel allows a home to cool down quickly at night and can reduce cooling costs. Because most heat enters and leaves an uninsulated home through its roof, a correctly insulated roofing material, coupled with other energy efficient home design principles, can result in big savings in heating and cooling costs.

Results suggest that choosing a roof made from light coloured COLORBOND® steel contributes to environmentally sustainable housing design principles because the material can result in less heat radiated the home compared to other commonly used roofing materials.

The GreenSmart® Village is project managed by leading welfare organisation, Wesley Mission. When the homes are eventually sold the proceeds will be used to fund Wesley Mission's youth and family services programs for the disadvantaged in South East Queensland.

Wesley Mission Superintendent the Rev. Dr. Gordon Moyes said the village will make a difference in both the housing industry and the lives of many families.

"We are indebted to the partners and sponsors whose support will help to sustain and expand our vital youth programs," he said.

The GreenSmart® program is an initiative developed by the HIA in collaboration with Environment Australia, the Australian Greenhouse Office and Greening Australia, to encourage environmentally sustainable housing design.

The HIA GreenSmart® Village is located in the Crestwood Display Village at North Lakes, corner of Chicester St and Hammersley Court, Mango Hill, Queensland 4503, and is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

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