Guidelines for using Tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel

You can obtain the maximum life and water quality, from tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel by considering the following pointers.


  • Discard the first fill of water to ensure roofs, gutters, tanks and pipes are clean
  • Install anodised aluminium mesh inlet strainers above the water level
  • Install gauze filters on all outlets and overflows to keep out mosquitos
  • Install the tank away from trees that may drop leaves and clog the strainer


  • Allow tank overflow to run down the exterior tank wall
  • Enter the tank unless necessary. The polymer lining can be easily damaged by tools, ladders and footwear. If entry is required, use rubber soled shoes, rubber ladder footings and great care.
  • Collect water from lead, copper, or copper treated timber.
  • Store water over 65 degrees celsius
  • Expose the polymer lining to prolonged contact with alkalis, mineral acids, petrol, kerosene, mineral turps, alcohol or water solutions of inorganic compounds
  • Permit any contact with low organic weight organic acids (acetic, lactic, formic, stearic), aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene), chlorinated hydrocarbons (111 tricholroethane), ketones (methyl ethyl ketone) or esters (cellusolve acetate)

For more information, please see "Technical Bulletin 3 - AQUAPLATE® steel for Water Tanks" on our Technical Bulletins page.