Building Products

BlueScope Steel produces a range of world class products in various metallic coated and painted finishes to suit the demands of the building market. Providing extreme durability, whilst also offering superior design flexibility, the range is available from a nationwide network of suppliers.

Stylish, strong and long lasting, steel fencing adds a touch of class to your outdoor area. more
Steel flooring has many advantages over other flooring systems available. more
Formwork & Slabs
Steel is often used for formwork and reinforcing for concrete slabs. more
Gutters, downpipes and fascia made from COLORBOND® steel are the right choice for Australian conditions. more

Home Improvement

Your home is the greatest investment you can make. Now BlueScope Lysaght offers you solutions to add style and value to your home and improve your lifestyle.

House Framing
Few things in life are as important as protecting the value of your home. A steel house frame is strong and durable, lightweight and termite proof. more
Purlins & Girts
Structural framing components for commercial/industrial buildings. more
Rainwater Harvesting
BlueScope Water offers a number of rainwater harvesting solutions. more
Steel roof sheeting is durable and strong and is available in a range of attractive colours and shapes. more
Sheds & Garages
Information about sheds and garages. more
Walling & Cladding
Wall cladding made from steel is long lasting and durable. Available in a wide range of colours and profiles, there is a wall cladding for everyone. more
Walkways & Other Sections
Safe, stable, slip resistant walkway systems. more