Choose fasteners for cladding

It is vital the performance of fasteners (screws/rivets) used to fix cladding and accessory materials have the same service life as the cladding product with which they are to be used.

The recommended selection of fasteners for these jobs is of paramount importance for long term structural performance and aesthetics.

The table below gives the fastener metal type recommended for ZINCALUME® steel and for the various grades of COLORBOND® steel. It is recommended that fasteners used, comply with Australian Standard AS 3566.

Washers containing significant levels of conductive carbon black fillers are not suitable for use with COLORBOND® steel, particularly in marine environments.

Fasteners containing Stainless steel, lead, and copper containing alloys should not be used in conjunction with galvanized, ZINCALUME® steel, and all grades of COLORBOND® steel except SUPERDURA® Stainless steel in which we recommend the use of Stainless steel.

For SUPERDURA® Stainless steel we recommend the use of stainless steel fasteners.

Where accessory fasteners such as pop rivets are required, they should be manufactured from aluminium when fastening Galvanized, ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel, COLORBOND® Ultra steel and COLORBOND® Metallic steel. However, in the case of SUPERDURA® Stainless steel, compatible stainless steel pop rivets should be used.


Appropriate Fastener Type

COLORBOND® steel & COLORBOND® Metallic steel

ZINCALUME® AZ150 steel

Fasteners conforming to AS 3566 Class 3

COLORBOND® Ultra steel


(* Note: Applies to COLORBOND® steel used 200 - 400m from marine environments, i.e. "severe" environments).

Fasteners conforming to AS 3566 Class 4

(Note: Stainless steel fasteners which conform to AS3566 Class 4 are NOT recommended for use with COLORBOND® steel or COLORBOND® ULTRA steel.)

SUPERDURA®supe Stainless steel

Quality stainless steel fasteners

?Fasteners conforming to AS3566, class 3, should not be used within 400 metres of the ocean or other severe marine influence.

This information is intended as a guide only. For more information, please Technical Bulletin TB 16 - Fasteners for roofing, walling and accessory product – selection guide.