Guidelines for using ZINCALUME® steel

This page contains some basic recommendations for the use of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel products. More information can be found by following the related links below.

BlueScope Steel recommend that you:-
  • Always use the recommended steel grade to suit your environment and any special corrosive influences,
  • Store material clear of the ground and protect from rain and moisture prior to installation,
  • Always use fasteners with durability equal to the material being used and which have carbon-black-free washers,
  • Avoid materials and liquids which can cause corrosion, such as lead and copper, green or CCA (Copper-Chrome-Arsenic) treated timber, uncoated steel supports, fertilisers, pesticides and abrasive cleaners,
  • Avoid using galvanised gutters with roofing made from ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel or glazed tiles,
  • Follow manufacturers recommendations for roof pitch, fastener spacings and type, support spacings and other laying procedures when installing products,
  • Avoid the use of black carbon ('lead') pencils for marking sheets,
  • Use metal cutting discs or shears to cut sheets rather than angle grinder discs.
  • Use only neutral cure silicone rubber sealants,
  • Debris from cutting, piercing & screwing should be removed at the end of each day, and not left on the roof or in the gutters,
  • Avoid immersion in concrete, soil or water, or build up of debris against the product,
  • Avoid contact with brick cleaning acid,
  • Avoid using touch up paint,
  • Areas not washed by rainwater should be hosed down at least every six months (more frequently in areas with industrial fallout or high salt concentrations).