Maintain Your COLORBOND® steel Fence


1. To keep your fence looking its best, simply hose your fence down periodically with water when washing the car or watering the garden. A soft broom should be sufficient to remove any cobwebs.

2. Do not build up soil or garden fill against the bottom rail of your fence as this will retain water and lead to corrosion.

Do not use your fence as a retaining wall, as it is not designed for this purpose.

3. Avoid spraying the fence with garden sprays or fertilisers as these can damage the surface. If this occurs wash the fence down with water.

Adequate drainage is needed to ensure that water does not pond in the bottom rail and to assist in the removal of debris. This is often achieved by pre-punched holes in the bottom rail, or by designing the posts such as there is a clearance between the ends of the bottom rail and posts.