Paint products made from ZINCALUME® steel

ZINCALUME® steel can be readily overpainted. Prior to painting, the surface of the ZINCALUME® steel needs to be cleaned. This can be achieved using a mop or soft bristle brush with detergent and water. The surface should then be hosed down thoroughly with water and allowed to dry.

If the surface is new it may contain some residual lubricants from the roll forming process. They should be removed using the procedure above.

When the surface of the ZINCALUME® steel is clean and dry, it can be directly overpainted using 2 coats (preferably) of a good quality water-based Acrylic.

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if required, confirm the suitability of the selected paint system for the collection of drinking water with the manufacturer.

Aged ZINCALUME® steel can also be painted. It should be cleaned, greasy deposits should be removed with a suitable solvent and any loose corrosion product removed by wire brushing. Painting can be undertaken as mentioned above. The paint manufacturer should be consulted regarding the need to prime the ZINCALUME® steel first.

The overpainting of ZINCALUME® zinc/aluminium alloy coated steel will void any warranties issued by BlueScope Steel.  Should, for any reason, overpainting be undertaken on behalf of and under instruction from BlueScope Steel, then a future warranty (if any) position will be as negotiated between the customer and BlueScope Steel.

This information is intended as a guide only. For more detailed assistance with your particular application, please contact BlueScope Steel Direct on 1800 022 999.