Select Recommended Steel for Gutters & Downpipes

The phenomenon of inert catchment has caused the demise of many gutters made from galvanized steel. Roofing which does not change the quality, nature or rainwater as it flows across the roof is referred to as inert catchment.

This may be COLORBOND® steel, terracotta tiles, sealed concrete tiles, acrylic sheeting, glass, ZINCALUME® steel, or aluminium. This means that rainwater with any chlorides or acids dissolved in it from the atmosphere flows into the gutter. Inert roofing material does little to change the chemical nature of this water which can be detrimental to galvanised gutters (which are non-inert).

While galvanised gutters provided excellent service as catchments for old fashioned roofing materials such as unglazed tiles and galvanised steel, it is not recommended as a catchment for modern, inert roofing products.

We recommend gutters and rainwater products made from COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel as these will provide equal service to that of the roofing material.

BlueScope Steel No Longer Recommends the Use of Galvanised Gutters and Downpipes.


This information is intended as a guide only. For further information, please see "Technical Bulletin 15 - Recommended Steel Gutter Systems" on our Technical Bulletins page.