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A New Challenge for XLERCOIL®

This application report contains information on Challenge Implements, who uses XLERCOIL® steel in the manufacture of its products.

Date Released: 01 January 2006 Barcode: 9320075045807 File Details: PDF 319 KB

HA1S steel Datasheet

This two page datasheet outlines the following for hot rolled, formable, HA1S steel: General description, typical uses, Australian standards, guaranteed properties of steel base, dimensional capabilities, normal/optional supply conditions, fabricating performance, and typical property ranges. Formerly known as BLACKFORM® steel.

Date Released: 01 August 2009 Barcode: 9320075059828 File Details: PDF 72 KB

XF400 steel Datasheet

This two page datasheet outlines the following for XF400 steel; General description, typical uses, features and benefits, warnings, Australian and international standards, supply conditions, chemical composition, mechanical properties, weldability group.

Date Released: 15 April 2019 Barcode: 9320075090319 File Details: PDF 392 KB

Corrosion Technical Bulletin CTB 12 - Dissimilar Metals

This two page corrosion technical bulletin outlines: The basis of dissimilar metal corrosion with reference to the galvanic series of metal and alloys in sea water; Table of compatibility of direct contact between metals or alloys when choosing fasteners and accessories

Date Released: 27 May 2019 Barcode: 9320075082932 File Details: PDF 144 KB