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  • How does the strength of steel vary with increasing temperature?
  • When product is supplied and certified by BlueScope Steel to a particular grade and standard, will it comply to some other standard?
  • How do I know if the XLERPLATE® steel product I have received is the material which was used as the basis for batch testing product?
  • Can I order XLERPLATE® product which has been ultrasonically tested at the Mill? If so, what standard should I specify?
  • When should I order ultrasonically tested XLERPLATE® product?
  • Why do similar steel grades from different countries or manufacturers have different names or representations?
  • I have a design which specifies material which is manufactured to an International Standard. Can the equivalent product be manufactured in Australia?
  • What restricts the availability of various sizes of XLERPLATE® steel?
  • What XLERPLATE® steel sizes are available from BlueScope Steel?
  • What is meant by normalised XLERPLATE®? Why specify normalised XLERPLATE®? Are there any alternatives to this process?
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