News Archive 2009

Cranbourne Aquatic & Leisure Centre, Melbourne, 2 million litre rainwater tank made from 4mm Grade 250 XLERPLATE® steel
04 May 09 Two Million Litre Top-Up Tank
A new swimming and leisure centre in Melbourne will save up to 30 million litres of water per year thanks in part to a massive rainwater tank built by Tank Industries. [Read more]
The 32nd edition of The Lysaght Referee continues a tradition that has been part of the Australian building industry since 1897.
02 Mar 09 New LYSAGHT® Referee Book and Website Launch
This month BlueScope Lysaght has launched an upgraded website to complement the release of the 32nd edition of The Lysaght Referee. This publication continues a tradition that has been part of the Australian building industry since 1897. [Read more]
Firefighting heroes: Tony Brown, Michael Carr and Paul De Bruyn of Western Port operation
02 Mar 09 BlueScope Supports Victorian Bushfire Recovery
In recent days, Victoria has experienced an unprecedented bushfire tragedy claiming many lives, injuring countless others and destroying more than 1000 homes. [Read more]
Victoria's Bushfires
16 Feb 09 BlueScope Steel Announces $1 Million Bushfire Recovery Package
BlueScope Steel today committed $1 million in steel products and building solutions to help rebuild communities destroyed by the Victorian bushfires. [Read more]
Accessories made from COLORBOND® steel colours can be mixed and matched to contrast exterior features or to blend these accessories with the garden or landscape. Architect: Adam Dettrick Architect, Melbourne
29 Jan 09 Enhance Your Home's Exterior With Steel
Years of wear and tear on the exterior of a home can have it looking tired and dull. COLORBOND® steel can be used across all exterior applications including roofs, fences, walls and guttering to brighten up a home's appearance. [Read more]