Sydney Airport Bridge

Modern steel bridges provide superior investment for the infrastructure of the future.

Developments in steel bridging systems and construction methods result in cost competitive structures. Steel bridge design combines strength, spanning capability, ease of construction and pleasing aesthetics with low environmental impact.

BlueScope Steel supplies high quality products for fabricated steel solutions to bridging challenges.

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XLERPLATE® was used in the construction of Sydney Airport Bridge which provides access to the upstairs departure levels.
02 August 2000 Sydney Airport's High-Tech Bridge
Sydney airport's new upper level access bridge typifies modern infrastructure projects which brook no compromise in aesthetics, function or the operation of an existing facility. Instead, the project itself made the compromises, drawing on high-tech CAD systems and time honoured trade skills to satisfy the brief. [Read more]
Jack Pesch Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge which spans the Brisbane River. The concrete deck is supported by, and acts compositely with, two fully welded steel trusses made from Grade 350 XLERCOIL® RHS sections.
02 August 2000 Jack Pesch Bridge
The award winning Jack Pesch Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge which spans the Brisbane River, employed an elegant clear span, low cost design solution which blends modern technology with the style of two nearby heritage listed bridges. The three span cable stayed structure is a showpiece of alternative design in structural steel, costing 15% less than a design conforming to tender, while still meeting all design and functional criteria. [Read more]