This beachside home uses LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® steel roofing and LYSAGHT MINI ORB® cladding
02 September 2000 Steel Roof Brings Soft Curves to Beachside Home
A Brisbane architect has used soft curves and steel roofing to match a beachside environment for a project nominated for several prestigious building industry awards. The owners purchased the Brighton site in Brisbane's northern bay suburbs specifically for its waterfront outlook and unusual 27 metre wide frontage. [Read more]
Dick Donaldson's Perth Duplex
02 August 2000 Twin Blade - Non Disposable
Inner city housing demands the compression of ideas. This, if for no other reason, is why recent duplex developments in Perth should be acknowledged. Dick Donaldson in Highgate displays the fine art of bonsaied building with an expanded vision. This project doubles the possibilities in half the space. [Read more]
'Mountain View' in Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland has a roof made from LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®.
02 August 2000 Hiller Residence Local Hero
John Mainwaring's recent forays into residential design continue to challenge the aspirational premise of luxury billboarded in lottery mailouts. He evokes Boyd's memory like few others, thus the Chapman Residence at Noosaville which shared the accolade in November 1996, recognises mighty persistence and special talent. [Read more]
Foundry Street Cottage, Goodwood, Adelaide. The house frame and cladding is made from ZINCALUME® steel.
02 August 2000 Osborne Residence Small Wonder
Max Pritchard is an architect whose work is amongst the most lively and animated in Australia. Pritchard is schooled in modest budgets but none of this curtails a vigorous imagination. His report card could read: Highly constructive student... lively, affable and creative but insufficiently brash to win favour with the school magazine and local media. Sharp, alert and personable... displays no fear of bullying tactics. [Read more]
Rod Seymour's House for Five at Dudley, Newcastle was built using roofing and walling made from a combination of COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel
02 August 2000 House for Five a Triple Treat
Some people conceal their intentions so well that it is almost an art form. Newcastle architect Rod Seymour, whose House for Five won the 1997 RAIA Blackett Award for the best building outside metropolitan Sydney, is stunned by his success. Seymour recalls one jury visit, the brisk walk through and a feeling that some jury members "would rather be elsewhere". [Read more]
Lindsay Johnston's 'Four Horizons' home at Watagan Forest, near Newcastle features roofing and walling made from COLORBOND® steel.
02 August 2000 Green Architecture: The Green Imperative
Green architecture is rising up the agenda and promises to stick around with all of the intensity of El Nino and global warming. The potential and implications for the shape of our cities and suburbs are directly affected. Architects who understand the implications of Green architecture will be that much better placed to survive and prosper. [Read more]
The Wright Residence in Noosa's hinterland features roofing and walling made from a combination of COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel.
02 August 2000 Wright Residence Stealth Bomber
For all the publicity that purports to represent a slice of contemporary Australian architecture, few include work by the Sunshine Coast group of John Mainwaring, Gabriele Poole and Clare Design. This situation is changing, but much of the pressure is from outside with recognition arriving via international interest. This local architectural voice, or vernacular, is worth retaining if for no other reason than it helps to redress the loss of the particular at the expense of the general. [Read more]
James Grose's design at Lakewood Shores, Binningup (south of Perth)
02 August 2000 Steel House Sharp Shooter
The West isn't all that wild any more. If it ever was. But plenty of home-buyers in Western Australia (and Australia for that matter) wish new residential design was just a little wilder, a little sharper. James Grose and BlueScope Steel have formed a productive alliance in recent years. Wunderkind Grose has helped put steel on the map with his assured compositions. [Read more]
Hunter's Hill dream home displays LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® steel roofing.
02 August 2000 Luxury Dream Home Has it up Top
One family's dream home has turned into an award winning reality in the prestigious Sydney suburb of Hunter's Hill. The wide tray LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® steel roof is the crowning glory of the house creating a striking appearance. [Read more]