Sporting Facilities

Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC) is clad  in spectacular stripes of  LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® in colours Shale Grey™ and Deep Ocean®
07 August 2004 Making Waves - Canberra's Newest Sporting Landmark
The Australian Capital Territory's newest sports and recreational facility is set to impress, with its state of the art facilities and iconic design. The A$23 million Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC) is a world class facility, developed to provide Canberra residents with opportunities for participation in a wide range of healthy activities. [Read more]
The new roof for the Northern Stand of the Melbourne Cricket Ground is a cable net structural system which uses 4,500 tonnes of structural steel supplied by BlueScope Steel.
24 April 2004 XLERPLATE® Kicks A Goal For MCG
One of Melbourne's biggest construction projects is staying ahead of the game, with the help of established Melbourne-based steel fabricators, Alfasi Steel Constructions, and BlueScope Steel. [Read more]
A gymnasium in Queensland with roofing made from ZINCALUME® steel
05 February 2004 Striking Modern Design Has Air to Breathe
An award winning Queensland designer has created a modern commercial sports facility with air to breathe in an innovative renovation of a Queensland gymnasium. Designed by Osman Designpac Building Designers, the renovation is an amalgamation of modern technologies and cutting edge style. [Read more]
Suncorp Stadium Queensland uses roofing made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH®, the underside of the roof is made from perforated LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® for acoustic insulation.
06 June 2003 'Up and Under' roof scores for Queensland home of Rugby League
An "Up and Under' is a high kick that has won many a football match. An innovative new "Up and Under' roof construction technique for the massive new grandstands at Queensland's home of Rugby League is also a winner. [Read more]
The A$13.5 million Hobart Aquatic Centre features a design incorporating curved roof forms in LYSAGHT SPANDEK HI-TEN® made from COLORBOND® steel
13 May 2002 Shapely Curves Wrap New Swim Centre
Lightweight steel roofing has helped build a world class swimming pool facility in Hobart at a fraction of the cost of similar swimming centres in other major capital cities. The A$13.5 million Hobart Aquatic Centre features a design incorporating curved roof forms in LYSAGHT SPANDEK HI-TEN® sheeting which contributes significantly to the building's aesthetic appeal. [Read more]
Roofing made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH® on the Melbourne's Richmond Recreation Centre
05 January 2002 New Steel Roof Meets Pool's Heritage Requirements
Melbourne's Richmond Recreation Centre is the first major project in Victoria to feature LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HI-STRENGTH®, an advanced new wide-spanning roof decking with a clip designed in the form of a continuous spacer bar for easy installation and significantly greater strength. [Read more]
Perth's Inglewood Aquatic Centre - Wide overhangs made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 steel are used to great advantage.
04 April 2001 Steel Blade Roof Sharp New Look for Swim Centre
A dramatic blade roof made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 steel sheeting is helping transform Perth's Inglewood Aquatic Centre into a state of the art multi-discipline sporting complex as part of a multi million dollar redevelopment of the complex. The Inglewood Aquatic Centre is home to the Riverside Swimming Club, one of Perth's oldest swim clubs. [Read more]
City Golf Club, roofing made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 700
04 April 2001 New Golf Club Scores With Steel
The City Golf Club in Toowoomba has opened the doors on a new A$9.5 million structure dominated by a steel roof larger than a football field. The 3,500 square metre roof is made from LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 700* sheeting made from COLORBOND® steel supplied by BlueScope Lysaght. [Read more]
Fremantle Dockers Australian Football League Headquarters roofed with LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®
13 January 2001 Classic Steel Look Gives Dockers New Home Base
A multi-pitched LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® corrugated steel roof covers the new A$3.2 million headquarters of the Fremantle Dockers Australian Football League team at Fremantle Oval, complementing the area's historic architecture. [Read more]
Subiaco Oval Stadium roofed with LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK®
13 January 2001 Eagles Soar From Eyrie of Steel
A A$35 million redevelopment of the West Coast Eagles Australian Rules football team's home ground, Subiaco Oval, has taken fans close to the action. The ground's BlueScope Steel-roofed spectator stand now fully encircles the playing field with seating for 43,500 AFL fans. The redevelopment has given the home team one of Australia's best football playing facilities. [Read more]