Water Storage

Water tanks made from AQUAPLATE? steel

Rainwater harvesting is the capture of rainwater at each fall and the use of the water to supplement mains water for non-potable applications. For more information, visit our Rainwater Harvesting Solutions page.

Below we showcase some projects using steel products for water storage.

The Minchinbury reservoir in Sydney is constructed using XLERPLATE® steel.
09 February 2007 Minchinbury Reservoir the Latest for Saunders International
A new 38 megalitre reservoir for Sydney Water will provide additional storage at Minchinbury for one of the fastest growing areas in the city’s west. [Read more]
Water tanks being fabricated from XLERPLATE® steel, will replace open reservoirs in Frankston and Mornington, Victoria.
08 February 2006 XLERPLATE® steel Stores Melbourne Water
One of Victoria's most experienced fabrication companies is working on the simultaneous construction of two major steel water tanks for Melbourne Water. [Read more]
This water tank at Quakers Hill in Sydney's west serves some 15,000 households in stage two of the vast Rouse Hill development. The tank is built using grade 250 XLERPLATE® steel.
28 October 2000 Wineglass Tank a Towering Achievement
A 'wineglass' steel water tank in Sydney has taken the art of elevated water storage to a new level with a 3.2 megalitre tank, a capacity previously unseen in Sydney. Established tank manufacturer Saunders International has built the tank at Quakers Hill in Sydney's west to serve some 15,000 households in stage two of the vast Rouse Hill development. [Read more]
This water reservoir was constructed using grades 350 and 250 XLERPLATE® steel.
02 August 2000 Wallsend Reservoir Showcases Steel Versatility
With a diameter of 88 metres and a footprint of 1.5 acres, a recently constructed water reservoir at Wallsend in the Lake Maquarie area of New South Wales challenged the notion that only small water tanks could enjoy the benefits afforded to steel construction of low maintenance, quality construction and durability. [Read more]