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DECKFORM® steel G550 Datasheet

Hot-dipped aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy-coated structural steel with a regular spangle surface, a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550MPa with limited ductility.

Date Released: 01 October 2021 Barcode: 9320075095390 File Details: PDF 339 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 29 - Guide to good practice - DECKFORM® steel for structural steel decking

This four page technical bulletin outlines: applications; design and durability; maintenance guidelines and exposed surface considerations; low grade coated (LGC) DECKFORM® steel; concrete requirements; beam support requirements; on-site inspection and testing of welds

Date Released: 27 May 2019 Barcode: 9320075072223 File Details: PDF 335 KB

Safety Data Sheet DECKFORM® steel Strip and Sheet

Safety Data Sheet provides information on DECKFORM® steel Strip and Sheet. Infosafe No. RH1X3. Version 2.3

Date Released: 10 January 2022 File Details: PDF 104 KB

DECKFORM® Z450 steel - Sample Warranty

Example of the warranty given for DECKFORM® Z450 steel

Date Released: 22 December 2011 Barcode: 9320075051754 File Details: PDF 816 KB

Online Warranty Flyer Homeowner

This one page flyer provides information on BlueScope Steel's online warranty system.

Date Released: 20 March 2014 Barcode: 9320075076849 File Details: PDF 386 KB

DECKFORM® Z350 steel - Sample Warranty

This one page document is an example of the warranty given for DECKFORM® Z350 steel

Date Released: 22 December 2011 Barcode: 9320075051747 File Details: PDF 748 KB