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XK15B28 XLERCOIL® Datasheet

This two page datasheet outlines information on XK15B28 XLERCOIL®, a hot rolled product with a guaranteed chemical composition, suitable for applications requiring good wear resistance after heat treatment. Information contained in the datasheet is: product descriptions, supply conditions, typical uses, features and benefits, warnings, nearest overseas specifications, chemical composition, mechanical properties and fabricating performance.

Date Released: 25 January 2006 Barcode: 9320075045739 File Details: PDF 63 KB

Doric Engineering Innovates Its Way to Success

This application report outlines the production of purpose built shipping containers for a major transcontinental minerals project. The containers are fabricated from 350 Grade XLERCOIL® steel.

Date Released: 21 July 2006 Barcode: 9320075046460 File Details: PDF 324 KB

A New Challenge for XLERCOIL®

This application report contains information on Challenge Implements, who uses XLERCOIL® steel in the manufacture of its products.

Date Released: 01 January 2006 Barcode: 9320075045807 File Details: PDF 319 KB

BlueScope Steel Product Dimensional Tolerance Handbook

This 16 page handbook provides dimensional tolerances for coated and uncoated flat products; plate and floorplate rolled on a plate mill (AS/NZS 1365:1996 & AS 1548:1995); hot rolled plate, floorplate, sheet and strip rolled on a hot strip mill; cold rolled and cold rolled metallic coated sheet & strip

Date Released: 18 June 2003 Barcode: 9320075035112 File Details: PDF 1274 KB