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Bushfire Factsheet Version 1 April 2011

This 30 page Fact Sheet describes a range of new steel clad roofing systems that have been designed for areas determined to be “Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ)”, the most severe risk level under the Standard. The Fact Sheet is intended to provide assistance to homeowners, builders and designers who are looking to build or re-build homes on BAL-FZ sites.

Date Released: 01 April 2011 Barcode: 9320075067977 File Details: PDF 2648 KB

Guidelines for Storage and Handling of BlueScope Steel's Products

This 20 page document is a general guide to the safe storage and handling practice for BlueScope Steel supplied products. They are not intended to be nor should they be relied on as a substitute for technical and professional engineering advice regarding the safe storage and handling of steel products in the particular circumstances of individual customers.

Date Released: 04 March 2013 Barcode: 9320075071899 File Details: PDF 534 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 05 - Swarf Staining of Steel Profiles

This two page technical bulletin outlines: General information on swarf; Prevention of swarf - cutting, drilling and cleaning up; Identification of swarf; Effect of swarf on performance; Repair of swarf on metallic coated and prepainted steel

Date Released: 03 September 2013 Barcode: 9320075072421 File Details: PDF 358 KB

COLORBOND® steel Datasheet (XRW)

COLORBOND® XRW prepainted steel (Exterior Roofing and Walling) has been specifically designed by BlueScope to provide a highly durable roofing and wall cladding material for general use.

Date Released: 18 December 2017 Barcode: 9320075086022 File Details: PDF 133 KB

HA300 steel Datasheet

This two page datasheet outlines the following for HA300 steel, a hot rolled Structural steel less than 3.2 mm thick, with a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 300MPa, good ductility: General description, typical uses, Australian standards, guaranteed properties of steel base, dimensional capabilities, normal/optional supply conditions, typical property ranges and fabricating performance.

Date Released: 17 November 2003 Barcode: 9320075036836 File Details: PDF 121 KB

BlueScope Steel Sheet and coil product guide

This 54 page guide outlines the following: BlueScope Steel's sheet and coil product range; naming convention; general description for hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, prepainted coil, metallic coil; product datasheets; how to order sheet and coil products; customer support; storage and care; sheet and coil product tolerances; certification; contacts; glossary

Date Released: 01 September 2010 Barcode: 9320075063498 File Details: PDF 1229 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 01A - Steel Roofing Products - Selection Guide

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Atmospheric exposure conditions; Marine Influence; Industrial Influence; Unusually harsh internal service conditions; Roofing made from galvanised steel; fasteners and accessories; Thermal efficiency

Date Released: 09 August 2016 Barcode: 9320075081874 File Details: PDF 495 KB

Roofing & Walling Installation Manual Chapter 4 - Curved, Bent and Tapered Roofing

Curved, Bent and Tapered Roofing

Date Released: 04 July 2014 File Details: PDF 201 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 02 - Overpainting & Restoration of Exterior BlueScope Steel Products

This two page document outlines information on the overpainting and restoration of COLORBOND® prepainted steel sheet. Topics covered are: overpainting-new surfaces, old damaged surfaces, suitable paints, accessory painting or match painting, handling COLORBOND® steel

Date Released: 26 November 2015 Barcode: 9320075080099 File Details: PDF 540 KB

Butler Grey Primer MSDS

Date Released: 31 May 2011 File Details: PDF 97 KB

Steel Edge - Issue 15 - October 2004

Steel Edge is a quarterly publication containing articles on product innovation, corporate information and news for customers of BlueScope Steel.

Date Released: 27 September 2004 Barcode: 9320075041175 File Details: PDF 358 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 04 - Maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel

This one page technical bulletin outlines: Maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel; Method for cleaning COLORBOND® steel products; Precaution against corrosion

Date Released: 06 November 2017 Barcode: 9320075082987 File Details: PDF 406 KB

Safety Data Sheet Cold Rolled Steel Strip and Sheet

Safety Data Sheet provides information on Cold Rolled Steel Strip and Sheet. Infosafe No. HXH6Q.

Date Released: 27 February 2018 Barcode: 9320075087302 File Details: PDF 198 KB

GALVASPAN® A Guide To Using Purlins And Girts

This 15 page brochure outlines all you need to know about using GALVASPAN® purlins and girts, including; advantages; product details; how to choose which shape; ordering details; corrosion protection; structural performance; handling guidelines; installation information; technical advice; and warranty details.

Date Released: 11 January 2003 Barcode: 9320075033934 File Details: PDF 479 KB

Safety Data Sheet ZINCALUME® steel and TRUECORE® steel

Safety Datasheet provides information on ZINCALUME® steel and TRUECORE® steel. Infosafe No.LPV4N. Version 5.3.

Date Released: 20 August 2018 Barcode: 9320075088378 File Details: PDF 206 KB

BlueScope Steel Product Dimensional Tolerance Handbook

This 16 page handbook provides dimensional tolerances for coated and uncoated flat products; plate and floorplate rolled on a plate mill (AS/NZS 1365:1996 & AS 1548:1995); hot rolled plate, floorplate, sheet and strip rolled on a hot strip mill; cold rolled and cold rolled metallic coated sheet & strip

Date Released: 18 June 2003 Barcode: 9320075035112 File Details: PDF 1274 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 16 - Fasteners for Roofing and Walling Products - Selection Guide

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Environmental conditions; Choice of fasteners for long life; Washers used with fasteners; Shank corrosion; Material compatibility and fastener types; Table 1: Fastener materials for use with roofing and walling manufactured from BlueScope Steel strip and sheet products

Date Released: 06 June 2017 Barcode: 9320075083090 File Details: PDF 623 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 13 - General Guide to Good Practices in the use of Steel Roofing and Walling Products

This four page technical bulletin outlines: Correct selection of materials; Design - minimum pitch, correct support spacing, steel thickness; Site storage before building, laying procedure; Fasteners - placement, size, type, life expectancy and compatibility; Avoidance of swarf damage; Compatibility of accessories including flashings and sealants; Maintenance procedures to contribute to long life

Date Released: 06 June 2017 Barcode: 9320075084134 File Details: PDF 423 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 26 - Weather Resistant Steels

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Introduction; Corrosion Resistance; Use and handling of weathering steels; Welding; Availability; Architectural Applications; Referenced Australian Standards

Date Released: 16 August 2013 Barcode: 9320075072254 File Details: PDF 540 KB

COLORBOND® Stainless steel Datasheet

COLORBOND® Stainless prepainted steel, specifically designed by BlueScope, provides our ultimate prepainted product in corrosion resistance and weatherability in exterior applications, typically within 100m of the severe environment.

Date Released: 10 September 2018 Barcode: 9320075088644 File Details: PDF 161 KB