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LYSAGHT® Victoria Trade Price List 30 June 2014

Date Released: 30 June 2014 File Details: PDF 13719 KB

Bushfire Factsheet Version 1 April 2011

This 30 page Fact Sheet describes a range of new steel clad roofing systems that have been designed for areas determined to be “Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ)”, the most severe risk level under the Standard. The Fact Sheet is intended to provide assistance to homeowners, builders and designers who are looking to build or re-build homes on BAL-FZ sites.

Date Released: 01 April 2011 Barcode: 9320075067977 File Details: PDF 2648 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 02 - Overpainting & Restoration of Exterior BlueScope Steel Products

This two page document outlines information on the overpainting and restoration of COLORBOND® prepainted steel sheet. Topics covered are: overpainting-new surfaces, old damaged surfaces, suitable paints, accessory painting or match painting, handling COLORBOND® steel

Date Released: 26 November 2015 Barcode: 9320075080099 File Details: PDF 540 KB

LYSAGHT® South East Queensland Trade Price List 30 June 2014

Date Released: 30 June 2014 File Details: PDF 10942 KB

LYSAGHT® South Australia Trade Price List 30 June 2014

Date Released: 30 June 2014 File Details: PDF 12359 KB

GALVASPAN® A Guide To Using Purlins And Girts

This 15 page brochure outlines all you need to know about using GALVASPAN® purlins and girts, including; advantages; product details; how to choose which shape; ordering details; corrosion protection; structural performance; handling guidelines; installation information; technical advice; and warranty details.

Date Released: 11 January 2003 Barcode: 9320075033934 File Details: PDF 479 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 01A - Steel Roofing Products - Selection Guide

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Atmospheric exposure conditions; Marine Influence; Industrial Influence; Unusually harsh internal service conditions; Roofing made from galvanised steel; fasteners and accessories; Thermal efficiency

Date Released: 09 August 2016 Barcode: 9320075081874 File Details: PDF 495 KB

COLORBOND® steel Datasheet (AM)

This two page document outlines the following in relation to COLORBOND® steel made with ZINCALUME® G550S AM100 steel with Activate® technology. (Designed for Exterior Roofing and Walling): General description, typical uses, Australian standards, preferred substrates, line tested properties, and expected product service performance.

Date Released: 01 July 2015 Barcode: 9320075079451 File Details: PDF 133 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 04 - Maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel

This one page technical bulletin outlines: Maintenance of COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel; Method for cleaning COLORBOND® steel products; Precaution against corrosion

Date Released: 16 January 2017 Barcode: 9320075075095 File Details: PDF 412 KB

LYSAGHT® South East Queensland Trade Price List 1 July 2015

Date Released: 01 July 2015 File Details: PDF 10957 KB

Rainwater Harvesting Solutions Brochure

This four page brochure outlines the benefits of rainwater harvesting, and why AQUAPLATE® steel should be used.

Date Released: 12 January 2003 Barcode: 9320075039387 File Details: PDF 490 KB

Corrosion Technical Bulletin CTB 12 - Dissimilar Metals

This two page corrosion technical bulletin outlines: The basis of dissimilar metal corrosion with reference to the galvanic series of metal and alloys in sea water; Table of compatibility of direct contact between metals or alloys when choosing fasteners and accessories

Date Released: 17 November 2003 Barcode: 9320075034993 File Details: PDF 283 KB

BlueScope Steel Sheet and coil product guide

This 54 page guide outlines the following: BlueScope Steel's sheet and coil product range; naming convention; general description for hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, prepainted coil, metallic coil; product datasheets; how to order sheet and coil products; customer support; storage and care; sheet and coil product tolerances; certification; contacts; glossary

Date Released: 01 September 2010 Barcode: 9320075063498 File Details: PDF 1229 KB

Safety Data Sheet ZINCALUME®, GALVALUME® and TRUECORE® Strip and Sheet

This five page Material Safety Datasheet provides information on ZINCALUME®, GALVALUME® and TRUECORE® Strip and Sheet. The information contained is: identification of the material and supplier; hazards identification; composition/information on ingredients; first aid measures; fire fighting measures; accidental release measures; handling and storage; exposure controls/personal protection; physical and chemical properties; stability and reactivity; toxological information; ecological information; disposal considerations; transport information.

Date Released: 18 February 2013 Barcode: 9320075072094 File Details: PDF 25 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 34 - Steel House Frames

This four page technical bulletin outlines: Introduction to Steel House Frames; Handling and site storage; Termite considerations; Wall Frames; Roof Trusses; Wall insulation; Wall ties; Phone/Radio Reception; Noise; Fasteners; Lightning; Warranty

Date Released: 22 August 2013 Barcode: 9320075073015 File Details: PDF 821 KB

Guidelines for Storage and Handling of BlueScope Steel's Products

This 20 page document is a general guide to the safe storage and handling practice for BlueScope Steel supplied products. They are not intended to be nor should they be relied on as a substitute for technical and professional engineering advice regarding the safe storage and handling of steel products in the particular circumstances of individual customers.

Date Released: 04 March 2013 Barcode: 9320075071899 File Details: PDF 534 KB

TRUECORE® G450 steel with Activate® technology datasheet

This two page datasheet contains information on TRUECORE® G450 steel with Activate® technology, a hot-dipped aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy. Information contained in datasheet is: General description; Typical uses; Australian Standards; Guaranteed properties of steel base; Chemical composition of steel base; Metal coating adhesion - 180° bend test; Fire hazard properties; Dimensional capabilities; Normal/optional supply conditions; Fabricating performance; Typical property ranges (for normal supply product)

Date Released: 23 July 2013 Barcode: 9320075077716 File Details: PDF 82 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 35 - Australian Salt Marine Classifications

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Introduction; Australian Marine Classifications; Definitions; referenced Australian Standards

Date Released: 16 August 2013 Barcode: 9320075072179 File Details: PDF 652 KB

Colour Selector CD Demo - Traditional home

This download is a demonstration of the COLORBOND® steel Colour Selector software. The software allows you to change colours on various regions of homes, including roof, walls, gutters, fascia, windows, doors and other features of the home. This version features a traditional home.

Date Released: 16 April 2007 File Details: ZIP 1088 KB

Technical Bulletin TB 26 - Weather Resistant Steels

This two page technical bulletin outlines: Introduction; Corrosion Resistance; Use and handling of weathering steels; Welding; Availability; Architectural Applications; Referenced Australian Standards

Date Released: 16 August 2013 Barcode: 9320075072254 File Details: PDF 540 KB