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LYSAGHT® Roof & Wall Flashing - Architectural Detailing Manual

This 28 page manual provides information on correct flashing and detailing for roofing and walling. The advice given in this manual is consistent with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and is aimed at ensuring that correct practice is specified into building contruction. Information provided: Product selection; materials and finishes; support spacing; maximum lengths of roofing; low roof pitches; wind forces on roofs; codes and performance tests; specifications - roofing; specificatons walling; ROOF FLASHINGS - material - longitudinal flashings - transverse flashings - Flashing at change of pitch - flashing large roof penetrations - flashing small roof penetrations; wall flashings

Date Released: 07 April 2014 Barcode: 9320075070229 File Details: PDF 1124 KB

LYSAGHT® Roofing & Walling Installation Manual (Entire Manual)

This 68 page document provides information on installation of LYSAGHT® roofing and walling products. Topics covered are: Design preliminaries, fasteners, curved, bent and tapered cladding, insulation & skylights, roof drainage, general care, safety and handling, installing pierce-fixed cladding, installing concealed-fixed cladding, ends of sheets and flashings.

Date Released: 01 August 2014 Barcode: 9320075077754 File Details: PDF 7285 KB

LYSAGHT® Product Catalogue 2011

This 88 page document details the products available from BlueScope Lysaght.

Date Released: 15 December 2010 Barcode: 9320075064198 File Details: PDF 3298 KB

LYSAGHT® Fences and Gates - Non Cyclonic Design and Installation Guide

This 32 page brochure provides a comprehensive installation guide to LYSAGHT® steel fences and gates, including infomation to aid in the selection of fence components, design of fence, footing depths, and comprehensive details on the steps to install a fence and gate. It includes the LYSAGHT® fencing range: NEETASCREEN®, SPANSCREEN®, SMARTASCREEN®, MINISCREEN® and CUSTOMSCREEN®

Date Released: 25 November 2013 Barcode: 9320075077808 File Details: PDF 3628 KB


This six page brochure for LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® contains information regarding product specifications, minimum roof pitch, maximum support spacings, limit state capacity tables, and installation information.

Date Released: 03 December 2013 Barcode: 9320075078041 File Details: PDF 959 KB

LYSAGHT® Zed & Cee Purlins and Girts User Manual Part 1

This extract being pages 1 to 32 of the manual, provides complete design information for using LYSAGHT® Zeds and Cees for purlins and girts including dimensions and properties of purlins and limit state capacity tables for different span configurations. It also contains information on bridging, brackets and cleats, fascia purlins. NOTE: New South Wales designers must refer to the New South Wales purlins manual, since there could be some slight variation in the capacity tables due to the new software used

Date Released: 16 July 2014 Barcode: 9320075076238 File Details: PDF 5450 KB


This 12 page document is a guide for the design of composite slabs using LYSAGHT BONDEK®. The manual contains: Product Information, Formwork Design, Composite Design, Installation and Construction, Bondek Specification.

Date Released: 01 September 2014 Barcode: 9320075078324 File Details: PDF 1348 KB

Bushfire Factsheet Version 1 April 2011

This 30 page Fact Sheet describes a range of new steel clad roofing systems that have been designed for areas determined to be “Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ)”, the most severe risk level under the Standard. The Fact Sheet is intended to provide assistance to homeowners, builders and designers who are looking to build or re-build homes on BAL-FZ sites.

Date Released: 01 April 2011 Barcode: 9320075067977 File Details: PDF 2648 KB

LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 22 & 40 Steel Roof Battens

This six page document contains details for LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® 22 & 40 steel roof battens including product details and material specifications, installation details and batten spacings for non-cyclonic areas.

Date Released: 01 July 2007 Barcode: 9320075050672 File Details: PDF 866 KB


This eight page document provides information on LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 406 such as specifications, masses, lengths, spans, spacings, installation, wind capacities and fasteners.

Date Released: 23 July 2014 Barcode: 9320075075422 File Details: PDF 1201 KB

BlueScope Steel Sheet and coil product guide

This 54 page guide outlines the following: BlueScope Steel's sheet and coil product range; naming convention; general description for hot rolled coil, cold rolled coil, prepainted coil, metallic coil; product datasheets; how to order sheet and coil products; customer support; storage and care; sheet and coil product tolerances; certification; contacts; glossary

Date Released: 01 September 2010 Barcode: 9320075063498 File Details: PDF 1229 KB


This eight page document provides information for both LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM BLUE ORB® such as masses, material specifications, wind capacities, accessories, maintenance, handling and storage, compatability, support spacings and fastener requirements.

Date Released: 02 December 2012 Barcode: 9320075075330 File Details: PDF 1819 KB

General Conditions of Contract for Minor Works - Purchase Order

General Conditions of Contract for Minor Works (Purchase Order)

Date Released: 21 November 2006 File Details: PDF 223 KB

Steel Edge - Issue 23 - October 2006

Steel Edge is a quarterly publication containing articles on product innovation, corporate information and news for customers of BlueScope Steel.

Date Released: 01 October 2006 Barcode: 93200750048648 File Details: PDF 522 KB

TQM Finds Do It Yourself Works With LYSAGHT BONDEK®

A successful Sydney design and construction company is completing a new apartment block at Rockdale using materials and methods its has combined to maximise speed and efficiency.

Date Released: 21 February 2008 Barcode: 9320075048952 File Details: PDF 384 KB

LYSAGHT® Rainwater Solutions Queensland

This 12 page document contains specifications and dimensions information on gutters which are available in Queensland, LYSAGHT® QUAD, LYSAGHT TRIMLINE®, LYSAGHT EMLINE®, LYSAGHT FITFAST® LYSAGHT® HALF ROUND, LYSAGHT® FLAT BACK, LYSAGHT NOVALINE®, LYSAGHT® Downpipes and accessories and rainheads.

Date Released: 04 December 2013 Barcode: 9320075078065 File Details: PDF 1694 KB

LYSAGHT® Cyclonic Area Design Manual Steel Roofing & Walling & TOPSPAN®

This 32 page Cyclonic Area Design Manual Using Topspan Profiles and LYSAGHT® roofing and walling claddings - has been prepared to assist architects, engineers and builders in the correct specification and installation of LYSAGHT TOPSPAN® profiles and roofing & walling claddings in cyclonic areas. It is a supplement to the LYSAGHT® Roofing & Walling Installation Manual and individual product brochures, and should be used in conjunction with those publications.

Date Released: 10 September 2014 Barcode: 9320075078119 File Details: PDF 4807 KB

PERMALITE® Aluminium Roofing Solutions Design Manual

This 36 page manual outlines product, design and installation information for PERMALITE®

Date Released: 30 June 2014 Barcode: 9320075074814 File Details: PDF 2909 KB

LYSAGHT® Walling Solutions

This 20 page brochure is a guide to the design and installation of steel walling manufactured by BlueScope Lysaght. It provides the essential technical information on non-cyclonic use of these products.

Date Released: 23 July 2014 Barcode: 9320075078058 File Details: PDF 3779 KB


This six page brochure provides the information on LYSAGHT SPANDEK® including Product details, colour availability, minimum roof pitch, material specifications, maximum support spacings, limit state wind pressure capacities, installation information, and accessory information.

Date Released: 02 December 2013 Barcode: 9320075074838 File Details: PDF 1688 KB