News Archive 2007

Clean Up the Kimberley children's photography competition. 1st Place: Looking Up by Jason George
14 Dec 07 COLORBOND® Steel Helps Kimberley Children Record Their Hopes For The Future
The importance of protecting the pristine environment of the Kimberley region in North West Australia has been highlighted through a children's photography competition sponsored by COLORBOND® steel. [Read more]
Hopper wagons made from 10 tonnes of Grade 350 XLERPLATE® steel will carry heavy ore from Frances Creek Mine, north of Pine Creek, to the Port of Darwin for export to China.
11 Dec 07 Bluebird Helps Northern Territory Take Flight
A rail journey interrupted by Cyclone Tracy more than 30 years ago has resumed with the help of Bluebird Rail Operations. Hopper wagons, made largely from XLERPLATE® steel, are transporting iron ore over 200 kilometres of railtrack. [Read more]
M180C XLERCOIL® steel was developed for Ingal Civil Products to provide increased strength, performance and safety for the FX-350F W-beam safety barrier system.
11 Dec 07 Ingal Invests In New Road Safety Barriers
Australia's leading road safety barrier manufacturer Ingal Civil Products has made a major breakthrough in steel barrier safety systems. The system is designed to provide safe vehicle containment and redirection on urban and metropolitan highways and motorways. [Read more]
Bulk sulphur strorage warehouse, Kwinana, Western Australia is clad in PERMALITE ALSPAN®
10 Oct 07 Bulk Sulphur Storage Warehouse, Kwinana, WA
25,000 square metres of PERMALITE ALSPAN® marine grade aluminium cladding was used to clad the Bulk sulphur storage warehouse, Kwinana, WA. The product provides wide spanning capability, corrosion resistance and high water water carrying capacity. Material was roll formed in Sydney then shipped onsite to WA. [Read more]
PERMALITE LT7® cladding with a cyclone rated fixing system was used to enclose conveyors on the Dalrymple Bay coal loader, North Queensland
10 Oct 07 Dalrymple Bay Coal Loader, North Queensland
The Dalrymple Bay Coal Loader, North Queensland, used 120 tonnes of extruded aluminum purlins and girts and 25,000 square metres of PERMALITE LT7® cladding with a cyclone rated fixing system. The four kilometre long conveyors are built over salt water in a cyclone zone. [Read more]
LYSAGHT SUPRATRUSS® used in Hospital Facilities, Long Bay Correctional Complex
10 Oct 07 Hospital Facilities, Long Bay Correctional Complex
This design and construction package was to supply an engineered steel and roof truss configuration for multiple-use buildings in a prison environment. [Read more]
Coal fired power station by Bechtel Corporation, using LYSAGHT BONDEK®, Purlins and LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK® 700 HI-STRENGTH
10 Oct 07 Millmerran Power Station, Queensland
Design and construction provided design, detailing, shop drawing, manufacture, supply and management of complete roofing system and structural formwork for the Millmerran Power Station in Queensland, an advanced technology coal fired power station by Bechtel Corporation. [Read more]
Steel framing and composite slabs were used to add nine storeys to Sydney's World Square 13 storey structure.
10 Oct 07 Latitude East Project, Sydney
BlueScope Lysaght's Design and Construction business delivered an innovative solution for this Multiplex project on Sydney's World Square site. Steel framing and composite slabs were the better option to add nine storeys to the existing 13 storey structure. BlueScope Lysaght Design and Construction turned a good idea into a great result. [Read more]
Newcastle Steel Frames and Trusses owner Sally Robertson is fabricating framing systems made from TRUECORE® steel for 250 transportable homes for a retirement village
09 Oct 07 Turnover Triples for Go-Ahead Steel Framing Firm
A Newcastle steel framing company has tripled its annual turnover since taking on projects such as transportable homes. [Read more]
Steve Edmunds of heavy engineering company Haywards with a section of a Melbourne project, the Southern Star Observation Wheel, comprising mostly Grade 350 XLERPLATE® steel.
09 Oct 07 Haywards' Reputation Reaps Rewards
Tasmanian heavy fabrication and engineering company Haywards Steel Fabrication and Construction has grown significantly in the last decade, establishing a national reputation for wind tower expertise. [Read more]