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Spotlight on Steel was an email newsletter from BlueScope Steel which contained information about new products, services and initiatives at BlueScope Steel, news items and case studies about the latest applications of BlueScope Steel products by customers and industry groups, competitions, promotions and much more.

Issue 108: Dec 2012-Jan 2013

COLORBOND® steel Help a Mate

Spotlight On Steel - Dec 2012-Jan 2013 - Issue 108

  1. BlueScope Steel Develops Longer-Lasting ZINCALUME® steel
  2. COLORBOND® Awards $15,000 Community Grant to Meredith CERT in Victoria
  3. BlueScope Steel shows support for Australian Manufacturers
  4. National COLORBOND® steel Award Winner a Good Sport-ing Hall
  5. Alpine Sensation
  6. Steel Saves the Day
  7. Fast Facts

Issue 107: Sept-Nov 2012

This house in Perth, Western Australia, uses roofing profile LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® made from ZINCALUME® steel. Photograph: Peter Bennetts

Spotlight On Steel - Sept-Nov 2012 - Issue 107

  1. Swan Song - A 1930's house renovated
  2. Wild at Art - An unorthodox solution for a couple and their art collection
  3. Against the Flow - A renovation of a Victorian Terrace in Sydney
  4. The High Life - A home suspended above a creek
  5. Fast Facts

Issue 106: June-August 2012

This holiday house at Byron Bay, New South Wales uses roofing in profile LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® made from COLORBOND® Metallic steel in the colour Citi®.

Spotlight On Steel - June-August 2012 - Issue 106

  1. Moveable Feast - A home that can be removed in 12 hours
  2. Where the Hearth Is - A new house appears like a black ribbon drawn across the brow of the hill
  3. BlueScope Steel Battles Termites with TRUECORE® steel
  4. Design Bastian - A home which is more praying mantis than butterfly in shape
  5. Fast Facts

Issue 105: February-May 2012

BlueScope Steel Sustainability Website

Spotlight On Steel - February-May 2012 - Issue 105

  1. New BlueScope Steel Sustainability Website
  2. Tree Change - A home that "hovers above the ground and assimilates with the trees"
  3. Living Legacy - A WWII veteran's vision to build a house as a legacy to his family
  4. Back to the Future - Reinvention of a North Adelaide Victorian-style cottage
  5. Fast Facts

Issue 104: Nov 2011-Jan 2012

Murrumba Downs Secondary School is a “cool school” thanks to COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel

Spotlight On Steel - Nov 2011-Jan 2012 - Issue 104

  1. New COLORBOND® steel Website
  2. Cool school' with COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel
  3. An Education in the Value of Made for Australia
  4. A Salute to Australian Design and Discipline
  5. Fast Facts





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