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  • Will acid cleaning of my brickwork damage products made from COLORBOND® steel?
  • I am installing a chimney. How can I make sure it doesn't affect my roof made from COLORBOND® steel?
  • Once installed, how should I look after my COLORBOND® steel?
  • My roof made from COLORBOND® steel has fungus growing on it. How can I remove it?
  • Can I use touch up paint on COLORBOND® steel?
  • How do I know I am getting genuine COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel or GALVASPAN® steel?
  • What other building materials can I use alongside COLORBOND® steel? What metals are OK to use in contact with COLORBOND® steel and what should I avoid?
  • What is the difference between COLORBOND® steel and imported steels?
  • Why can't I find any mention of the COLORBOND® steel colour I want? (ie Pale Terracotta, Torres Blue, Blue Ridge®, Ironbark, Bronze Olive or Saltbush).
  • How do I fix a scratch on COLORBOND® steel?
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