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When you join the STEEL BY™ program we’ll get you under way by supplying two 70cm diameter circular signs. Display them prominently on a part of your premises where they’ll be noticed by everyone, not just by regular customers. Draw attention to them at every opportunity. In a business climate increasingly coloured by imports of uncertain quality, those signs could represent your competitive advantage. We’ll also send you a set of 20cm stickers, ideally suited to partner your business name or logo on car, truck and van sides or doors.


Steel By


Setting the message to passing trade may be a good start, but you’ll need to take every opportunity to draw attention to the quality of the steel you use. Why not make some of your business assets work a little harder? When you sign on for the STEEL BY™ program we’ll give you an initial supply of co-branded stickers to display on your products. You can choose from four different sizes to suit your particular needs.


Steel By

In-store Posters

For some customers the assurance that they are buying goods made from Australian steel is all that’s needed. For many more the benefits – to them, to you and to the wider community – require a brief explanation. That’s why your STEEL BY™ program welcome pack includes a rigid-mounted poster which sums up the win/win equation for you and your customers. One look at the poster and they’ll know their purchase decision makes sense.


Steel By


Of course, not all of your customers may see the posters. With BlueScope Steel’s assistance you’ll need to spread the message and the explanation to them. Working smarter, not working harder is how you’ll gain the greatest benefits from membership of the STEEL BY™ program. We’ve devised a single sheet A4 leaflet to help you do just that. A start up quantity will provide enough leaflets for your brochure display, with the balance available to use as a targeted mailout or as an inclusion with your other marketing material or even with invoices. You’ll also be able to print your own additional stocks.


Steel By

Marketing Templates

We’ll provide you with the logo and graphic design resources you’ll need to make the most of your STEEL BY™ program membership. You will have access to the standard templates your printer will need to create STEEL BY™ marketing materials and to incorporate the program’s logo with your own stationery, brochures, website and even print advertisements.