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Fire Fabrication Services Directors Mike Iacovino (left) and Steve Macdonald. Fire Fabrication Services are members of the STEEL BY™ Brand Partnership Program
23 Jan 07 Sprinkler Pipes Fire Up New Business
South Australian company Fire Fabrication Services Pty Ltd has doubled in size in the last two years due to growing demand for commercial and industrial sprinkler systems. [Read more]
STEEL BY™ Brand Partnership Program members, Queensland Shed Markets' John Umstad builds kit homes made from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.
22 Jan 07 Steel Kit Homes Make Housing Dreams Real
A family run, Queensland business is tackling the housing affordability challenge head on with a range of inexpensive kit homes made from COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and TRUECORE® steel. [Read more]
Kelly McDonald, of Queensland company Frontyard Art, with one of her company’s ZINCALUME® steel letterboxes in the SPIKE range.
19 Sep 06 Frontyard Art Posts Winning Letterboxes
Queensland company Frontyard Art firmly believes not all letterboxes are built equal. Noosa based Frontyard Art has finally unveiled its SPIKE range of functional, contemporary letterboxes, designed for homeowners looking to transcend the boring or property developers seeking an elegant multiple solution. [Read more]
Bundaberg Tank Makers owner Kevin Beveridge uses AQUAPLATE® steel to build rainwater tanks
21 Aug 06 Bundy Goes Well with Water
Rum might run through Bundaberg's veins, but locals want more water. Home to the iconic Bundaberg Rum factory, the city is one of Queensland's property hotspots, attracting retirees and young families from southern states with cheap land not connected to the mains water supply. [Read more]
Andrew Fowler from Aus-Truss specialises in providing lightweight building and roof frames made from 1.2mm grade TRUECORE® steel.
28 Jul 06 Steel Frames with Grunt
Business is booming for New South Wales Southern Highlands based company Aus-Truss as engineers begin to appreciate the cost effectiveness of lightweight steel frames. [Read more]
Agpoint National Sales Manager John Thompson with some of the farm tools his company produces using more than 2000 tonnes of XLERPLATE® steel coil plate and XLERCOIL® steel a year.
21 Jul 06 Aussie Invention Fast Tracks Farming
A patented locking system for farm machinery is revolutionising the way Australian farmers plant and manage their crops. Invented by South Australian based Agpoint Australia, the system speeds up weeding and planting processes by enabling farmers to swap machinery attachments , like points and sweeps, in minutes rather than hours. [Read more]
Austin Swain with a striking Pivot Homes’ project that uses COLORBOND® steel.
21 Jul 06 Personalised Service Offers Customers More
Bigger isn't always better, according to Austin Swain of Pivot Homes. The Managing Director of the award winning Geelong design and building company believes Pivot Homes' small size and select group of well trained staff is the key to its success. [Read more]
F & M Fabricators owner Fanos Tanos, whose company makes flashing for commercial projects using COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel
20 Jul 06 New Technology Faster Service
Queensland's F & M Fabricators has been using the latest technology to speed delivery of flashing made from COLORBOND® steel for commercial building projects in Brisbane. [Read more]
Pinus Sawmills’ owner Doug Reid. Since his company began stocking fencing products made from COLORBOND® steel, sales have increased dramatically.
19 Jul 06 Steel Fencing Pushes New Boundaries
The devastating Canberra bushfires of January 2003 have generated a huge demand for steel fencing in the Australian Capital Territory. [Read more]
Dial-a-Shed’s owner Alan Knewstubb. The company creates sheds made from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.
19 Jul 06 Sheds that Put Smiles on Dials
You can dial a pizza, dial a cleaner, dial a dog wash, but have you ever thought to Dial-a-Shed? If not, think again. Furniture removal trucks are carrying them across the country to an eager army of home handymen. [Read more]